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  • Shi Tai-Jie
    Senior Engineer£¬The past head of the Institution of R&D, Shanghai Sunve Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He can translate the Organic synthesis references (German) into Chinese. Now he is a senior adviser about organic reaction.
  • Sun Guan-He
    Senior Engineer, He is the past chief engineer of Shanghai zhong-xi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He is an senior adviser enjoying the State Department's special allowance.
  • Wang cheng
    Senior Engineer£¬optimise and design processes in the most economical way of intermediate and APIs.
  • Shen wei-guo
    An engineer who Responsible for production of Sulfadimoxine and other raw matterials.
  • Ren bin
    An technician who responsible for manufacture of 4,6-dichloro-5- methoxylpirimidine.
  • Zhang yan-feng
    An engineer who responsible for quality assurance.
  • Chen Guo-Liang
    An technician who responsible for scale-up process.
  • Gu Hong
    an engineer who responsible for process control.
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