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The optimization of the synthetic chemistry process is always an art. The key element of this art is to develop a synthetic process with industrial production value, it requires continous innovation, breakthrough and optimization by experienced researchers.

The artistry originates from a creative team and it is reflected in  controling raw material cost and developing environmentally friendly processes.

There are two successful cases.
One is the process improvement for sulfadoxine, which reduced the raw material cost by as much as one-third, currently regarded as a leading process for making this product.

The other one is the preparation of methoxy acetic acid. It made breakthrough improvement compared with the methods reported in literature. Currently, the production process is stable and the market has been gradually expanded.

Optimization of the process is also related to the environment protection. Chemical manufacture and environment protection are not mutually exclusive if we could pay more attention and ingenuity to solve the lack of coordination between the two elements.

ShangHai ZiCheng Med-Pharm Technology Company Ltd. is dedicating to the optimization of the production process of synthetic drugs and their intermediates.

As a Chinese pharmaceutical company, we will carry on our outstanding traditional culture and reflect the beauty of China.
As an organic chemistry-related research and development company, we will strive to reflect the beauty of chemistry.

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