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1.Solid-phase Reaction
Most of chemical reactions require the use of organic solvents. However there are also some special reactions that don¡¯t need to use solvent. This kind of reactions are typically carried out more thoroughly and the post-processing becomes relatively easier. Furthermore, the operation of the solid-phase reaction will bring significantly benefit to environment.

The solid-phase reaction demands more advanced reaction equipment, especially the stirring unit. Herein, a set of efficient stirring systems with advanced materials were designed for the solid-phase reaction in our lab, including a 10 L ribbon stirring conical stainless steel reactor with frequency control, forward or reverse rotation and a 2 L kneader for solid phase reaction, which have given out the very valuable first-hand data and indicated future research direction.

2.Phase Transfer Catalytic Reaction
Phase transfer catalytic reaction is one of means to make the reaction more complete and quick, it also provides better selectivity. Two important factors will affect the efficiency of the two-phase reaction, one is the appropriate type of the phase transfer catalyst and the other is the design of the reactor and stirrer.
Some exploratory work has been done in our lab, that is, Cyclopropane rings has been set up via employing a kind of high-efficiency phase transfer catalysts and reasonable post-treatment.

3.The design of the reactor and stirrer for different materials
High yield of a unit reaction depends on the completeness of the reaction process and the post-process efficiency. It is not only necessary to consider whether the reaction process is reasonable, but also to consider whether the processing could maintain low energy consumption. On the contrary, the process of a reaction and after-treatment requiring high energy consumption certainly needs further improvement.

In addition to pay attention to the design of the reactor and stirrer, it is also critical to focus on the corrosion resistance, the safety features, as well as easy maintenance of the reactor and stirrer.
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